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LIFE Ionizers: What is Alkaline Ionized Water?


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About pH and ORP
What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

Many of those who first research often ask, ” What is Alkaline Ionized Water”? The pH of water measures whether it is alkaline or acidic. When healthy, our bodies have a slightly alkaline pH balance. That’s why ionized alkaline water is better for you than plain water. Ionized alkaline water also has antioxidant potential, called Oxidation Reduction Potential, which can help fight damaging free radicals that promote aging and degenerative diseases in the body.

Acidity in the body

When we’re young, our bodies can handle acidity just fine. But as we age, our body’s ability to buffer acids declines. Starting at the age of 30, the body’s alkaline buffer begins to decline, by age 50, that decline can manifest itself as health problems such as acid reflux and bone loss. When that happens, you have two options:
Take medications to suppress the problems
Reduce acidity in the body with alkaline forming foods and alkaline water

Alkaline water benefits

Ionized alkaline water has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits in over 40 studies. Research shows that alkaline water promotes general wellness because it has two main health benefits

  • Age-fighting antioxidant potential
  • Acid-neutralizing alkalinity

Our body’s defenses against acidity decline in our 50’s. Ionized alkaline water has been shown to be a “novel therapy” that can help balance body pH, fight degenerative conditions, and possibly help fight aging and add life to your years.

Bottled water

Think bottled water is healthier than tap water? Think again. Bottled water can be toxic, it may contain BPA and antimony. Both of these chemicals are found in the plastic resin the bottle is made of, and both can cause cancer. Bottled water is expensive: It can cost up to 1900% more than tap water and may actually be nothing more than filtered tap water!

How water ionizers work

LIFE Water ionizers raise the pH of filtered tap water and imbue it with age-fighting antioxidant potential using electromagnetism. LIFE’s ionization process creates a naturally alkaline, naturally antioxidant water similar to that which is found in just a few protected natural antioxidant springs on Earth. Want to learn more of what is alkaline ionized water? Read below about the hydration benefits.


Did you know? As we age, our sense of thirst can become distorted. It can lead to us feeling hungry when we’re actually thirsty! Alkaline water has been shown in some studies to “reset” our sense of thirst so that we drink more water. Improving your hydration status can lead to better-looking skin, more energy, and even weight loss.

What is acidic water

Acidic water has a pH of lower than 7 and it isn’t healthy to drink. When the pH of tap water drops below 6.5, as it did in Flint, Michigan, water can pick up harmful toxins such as lead. Or if it’s a bottled water, it can pick up harmful chemicals from the plastic the bottle was made from. Ionized acidic water, which is made by a water ionizer, isn’t for drinking. But it’s great as a rinse for hair and skin, plus plants love it!

What is alkaline water

Alkaline water has a pH of greater than 7, which can help neutralize excess acidity. That’s one reason drinking alkaline water is good for your health. But keep in mind, not all alkaline water is antioxidant ionized alkaline water. What’s the difference? Ionized alkaline water has antioxidant potential that can help fight the damaging effects of free radicals. Excessive levels of free radicals may lead to the development of degenerative illnesses and premature aging.

What is ionized water

Ionized water can be alkaline or acidic. Water becomes ionized when something is dissolved in it. What makes ionized water either alkaline (healthy) or acidic (unhealthy) is what kind of substances are dissolved in it. Ionized alkaline water has healthy minerals such calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Acidic water from a water ionizer gets its acidity from dissolved CO2, which can make it helpful for cosmetic uses, watering plants, and sanitizing surfaces.

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