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About Our 2017 LIFE Water Ionizers Review: The Power of X


2017 LIFE Water Ionizers Review: The Power of XThe new 2017 LIFE Water Ionizers Review: The Power of X series of water ionizers is here! For 2017, LIFE Ionizers has released upgraded filters for its entire line of M Series water ionizers. These new filters reduce scale build-up to improve ionizer performance. Best of all, LIFE Ionizers has made this change to all its M-Series filters! This means that owners of even the original M Series ionizers will get these new, upgraded filters. LIFE has also upgraded the intake and outflow manifolds on it’s ionizers. These new, larger manifolds enable higher flow rates. So how do customers who bought them like these new for 2017 LIFE Ionizers? Here are all the latest LIFE Ionizer reviews, written by customers just like you.

LIFE Ionizers M13X

People who bought LIFE’s top-of-the-line M13X absolutely love it. In reviews of the LIFE Ionizer M13, owners credit the machine with making great tasting water, and a huge difference in their health and energy levels


Jess: We love our M13 Life Ionizer. Ever since we purchased ours, we don’t buy bottled water anymore. We have other friends fetching alkaline water from us and they love it too. My cholesterol level went down too. When I play tennis I always drink this during playing and it makes me feel energized!


Kimberly: I Love the product so much. The water is soft and crisp and clear and it so convenient to use. I have noticed a difference in how I feel overall and my joints are less achy after my walks and workouts. I feel completely hydrated. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying alkaline water for the first time and need to see a difference it can make. My drinking water is GREAT!


Amazon customer: Bought a M13 life ionizer machine and I love the water. This is an excellent product. It does everything it says it will do. I am 100% satisfied with the results of this product. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Also, I have actually lost some weight since I started using this product. My wife has noticed the same results as well.

LIFE Ionizers M11X

The LIFE M11X also gets great reviews from owners, including a person who likes LIFE so much that they have bought a total of four LIFE Ionizers! The M11 was originally designed and sold by LIFE for clinical use. LIFE ended up releasing this powerful machine to consumers due to high consumer demand.


EA: I have bought 4 Life Ionizers because I believe they represent the best value in the industry and of course I have kept one for myself. Others who have bought from competitors have had some problems, but so far, in 2 1/2 years I have not seen any problems arise. I think the salesman who insisted on the prefilter on these units for this hard water area was spot on. I wouldn’t recommend this company or support group if I didn’t feel that they were the best.


Janue: After searching through all the ionizers that are on the market, I chose this one. I liked it because it can be seamless in my kitchen by going under my sink, it can be adjusted to match my water quality and doesn’t come pre-programmed with a standard that doesn’t match what I have. This means that I can adjust the alkalinity and set the number ph number for each level on my system. I appreciate that I can add a frequency to my water and vitamin C technology to help ensure that my water is the best it can be for my family. The fact that I can see my filter lifespan on my water faucet is another great factor as I can order filters before they expire. No being surprised with this system. I also appreciate that it does not take extra chemicals to make it “strong alkaline or strong acidic” but rather they rely on technology and energy rather than poisons. That was absolutely huge to me. Finally, the fact the warranty is forever is a super plus benefit. Who does that? Life Ionizers does that and I love that. This is my second one I purchased. My first one was from 7-8 years ago. The house we lived in had such hard water it ruined all my appliances/fixtures and unfortunately my ionizer. However, when we had any issue with the ionizer, this company stood behind their work, fixed it without complaint and they were very professional in their service department. I always recommend this to everyone and believe me; I have done the research on the other companies and this one is definitely ahead of the pack.


Jennifer W: We love our Life Water Ionizer. It is so convenient with the counter spout to easily access the water a touch of a button. Everyone in the family can use it and customize it to what water they want. The entire family has seen great results. No longer are we as tired feeling or thirsty all the time we seem to stay better hydrated with less dry lips. Our skin has even become more healthy (it broke out when we first started using it but cleared up) and clearer looking. Even the plants have benefited from it, we had an aloe plant that we thought wasn’t going to make it but after giving it some acid water it is thriving. So glad we listened to our friend and purchased this!

LIFE Ionizers M9X

The M9X is one of LIFE’s most popular models. It’s a nine plate top-of-the-line water ionizer that gives great pH and ORP levels. At $2,597, the M9X is one of the lowest-priced top-of-the-line model ionizers on the market, which is probably why it’s so popular: It’s priced like a mid-range unit but outperforms everything in its class.


Melody: This product was very easy to install. In addition to all the medical benefits that the water has, it tastes so good. I’ve got so used to it that I can’t even drink the same old brand of water that I used to liked. When you wash the fruits and vegetables you can see something like oil on the surface, makes you realize how you used to digest so much oil and dirt with your fruits. Even for rice, I rinse it with this water and I can’t believe my eyes, water gets cloudy right away. Then I rinse it again and cook the rice, it’s taste is 100% better than cooking it with tap water. I bought this product because my son’s doctor recommended it but now that I see all the positive things that I didn’t even expect, I feel much happier that I made the investment.


Amazon Customer: This is our second Life Ionizer under the counter machine for a second home and we love them both. Water tastes great and is easy to use and maintain. Healthy and delicious! Recommend!


Marcie S: Water ionizers were new to me, so I was skeptical when my husband purchased the life ionizer M9, but I really do believe now! I thought that Kangen was the only one out there, but now I talk about the benefits of alkaline water from my life ionizer all the time. It looks very nice in our new kitchen and our kids love the water too. Having the unit reminds me to drink more water! It can feel like a big purchase, but the math of bottled water versus the ionizer really does make sense. Thank for all your help.

LIFE Ionizers M7X

The M7X is LIFE’s mid-range seven plate model, but it outperforms many competing nine plate models. In fact, the M7X beats the Kangen machine for both pH and ORP  but costs less than half the price. The M7X is also the most powerful seven plate water ionizer made.


Howard D: You know most of the water ionizer companies I spoke to seemed to promise everything in the world out of these water ionizers. I really respect that you remind customers that you are not doctors and not allowed to give out health advice, but I’ll say, I do feel so much better now. The water is actually better than the Kangen water my friend was giving me and now that I have your machine, my friend is no longer constantly trying to have me buy a machine that costs twice what mine did. Thanks for the great warranty as that made me feel comfortable. You know most of the water ionizer companies I spoke to seemed to promise everything in the world out of these water ionizers. I really respect that you remind customers that you are not doctors and not allowed to give out health advice, but I’ll say, I do feel so much better now. The water is actually better than the kangen water my friend was giving me and now that I have your machine, my friend is no longer constantly trying to have me buy a machine that costs twice what mine did. Thanks for the great warranty as that made me feel comfortable.


Amazon Customer: My M7 has been one of the best purchases we have made since moving into our new home. We have ours under the counter but we fill our individual bottles each day and we take our water with us everywhere we go. I’m a firefighter and I am away from home for 24 hours at a time and each day before I leave home I fill my jug and head to the station. The water is so easy to drink and never gives me with that bloated feeling not to mention that I feel hydrated and energized all day, every day. I highly recommend making life ionizer part of your everyday life.


GoQuantum: I got this three months ago and this has been one of our best purchases. We drink more water and even my teenage son drinks a lot more water as well. We are so happy that we have also been able to cut down the recycles immensely, as we stopped buying bottled water. We got stainless bottles and fill them with water from the ionizer and ready to go. The installation was no problem at all; the support team was there taking me through and answering all the questions I have. Using the machine is easy as well.

LIFE Ionizers M5X

The LIFE M5X is LIFE’s entry-level five plate unit. Despite being an entry-level water ionizer, the $1,497 LIFE M5X gives pH level,  of performance comparable to the $3,980 Kangen Water machine. Like all LIFE machines, the M5X comes with LIFE’s free custom configured filtration.


Nancy L: The support of sales and technicians has been great..always responsive and available…as well as knowledgeable. I use this machine for everything! I rinse fresh produce with acidic water  and then soak it all in high ph water to rid it of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives etc. You cannot believe what the water looks like after a soak.


Byron K: This is my 2nd alkaline water machine. After the 1st one broke, I decided to change to Life Ionizers and got the M5. I absolutely love it! The directions were clear and it was easy to install. I’ve had the M5 for about 6 months now and my whole family loves the clean healthy alkaline water!


Christine: After some research, I found this brand and bought it along with all the upgrades. It was one of the best investments I have made for our now new family. I have come to rely on this water filter for clean water and alkaline water to nourish ourselves and clean our veggies, especially living in SE Asia, this is a very special thing!

Why LIFE Ionizers gets lots of water ionizer reviews by satisfied customers

The LIFE M9, one of LIFE’s most popular water ionizers, has over 100 reviews just on Amazon alone! LIFE is one of the leading brands, but even as it appears to still gets a lot more water ionizer reviews than any other brand. There’s a good reason for that. The common thread in virtually all LIFE Ionizer review is that the alkaline water made by LIFE water ionizer machines makes you feel good. It’s great to know that ionized alkaline water makes you healthier, but the bottom line is: As a customer, you’ll feel satisfied with your LIFE Ionizer because the water you drink from it makes you feel good.

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