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Life Water Ionizer Reviews: Amazon Customer Reviews

There are many water ionizer companies online who claim to offer the best products. Life Water Ionizer Reviews has found many reviews to help you in your research to find out who is the best. Please see below and thanks for stopping by:)

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on January 27, 2015

LIfe Water Ionizer ReviewsMy father & I have been researching Life Water Ionizer Reviews and decided to purchase this model and have had it for about a year. We enjoy the appearance of the machine and the health benefits we get from it. We wish that some studies would appear from Western MDs would come to the forefront and start a western-world discussion about the product.

The appearance is great. Most people that see it ask immediately about it, inquiring as to what it is.

How can water ionizers benefit your health?

My father suffers from Gout. This is a medical condition that results from having too much Uric acid in one’s body. He and others like him get this from eating too many red meats and other sorts of foods. He and some of his attorney friends say that it helps prevent and cure Gout attacks.

It was noticed that it seems to help cure hangovers, soreness from working out, food cravings, and thirst, and stress from work. I noticed that if it is turned on and it is in purified or acidic mode, that the machine will not indicate that it is going through its wash cycle.  Highly recommend buying this product. Want To learn more and Compare Life Water Ionizer Products

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More LIfe Water Ionizer Reviews by Barbara M.

on November 26, 2014
After much research and time and searching for Life Water ionizer Reviews, I purchased the Life Ionizer, M11. As the title says, “only the best!” Best product, best packaging, best ionizer design, highest PH setting, easiest to set up, best sales rep knowledge, and the best sales rep — Will Allen, personable, detailed oriented, LISTENS to you and is GENUINE! I guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed! This detailed East Coast Girl remains a loyal customer thanks to Will!! Just call, ask for Will and BELIEVE! Pen Name-Barbara M.
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on November 13, 2014

To start with, you might want to know how I came across to learn about Life Ionizer. I never knew or heard about alkaline water. All I knew is that alkaline is for batteries not for the human body. Anyway, a gentleman from Toronto, Ontario called me that I was highly recommended by a friend that I should see an amazing machine called Inagic or Kangen water that would blow my head off. 

There is no comparison in anyways with anything!

I am a senior Canadian Citizen, going on 74 years of age, no medications, healthy and alert, Praise Be The Lord Jesus Christ, and Thanks to Life Ionizer Products, the Company, the people who work there, the Business Affairs.

God bless you All and Thanks, Be to God,

Rose P. Noonan

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on December 23, 2014
Great water filtering machine, easy to use & to replace filters. I’ve had my machine for 3 years now & I highly recommend any of the Life Ionizers.
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5.0 out of 5 stars life Water Ionizer
on November 28, 2014
I’ve had family come from out of town and they quickly notice the great taste of Alkaline water. I highly recommend the M-11. You will never go back to plastic water.  
5- Stars -M Ruvalcaba
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on November 21, 2014
Jason was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who has ever wondered the kind of health benefits and long-term effects alkaline water can provide. I was interested in a machine and just needed all of my questions answered about Life water ionizer reviews.
 5 stars!!!! Thanks
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